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So Cherry and I are being rather cruel and planning to give Erica the treatment yet again!! And just when we think we have the perfect set up,...

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Naughty School Girl Part 2


So once again I'm in trouble with head teacher, Miss Kelsey. After she covered me in cereal and porridge she asked me to clean her office... But I wasn't going to do that! Instead, I put a big apple and custard pie on her chair! And the dozy cow sits in it! So, Miss Kelsey calls me to her office again and gives me another punishment.

This time she has lunch left overs for me! That includes spaghetti, curry and rice, mushe peas, sheppards pie, gravy, ketchup and brown sauce! I am covered in horrible smelly food and yet again Miss Kelsey asks me to clean up... What do you think I will do!

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