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So Cherry and I are being rather cruel and planning to give Erica the treatment yet again!! And just when we think we have the perfect set up,...

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Naughty School Girl Package 3 Movies for £4


Watch all 3 'Naughty School Girl' episodes in this package! Part one where Miss Kelsey pours porridge, syrup, cereals and freezing cold milk all over my school uniform! So off I go to get cleaned up only to have the teacher punish me again! This time with left over lunch, including shepards pie, spaghetti, mushy peas, mashed potato, curry and rice and gravy!

To finish me off, wearing my P.E kit, Miss Kelsey covers me in dessert! Ice cream, chocolate, custard and treacle... But I don't let her get away with it this time! I get Miss Kelsey all gooey with blue and orange gunge and a bucket of custard!

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All get all three for £8.99

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