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Back in October the not so secret WAM agent Messy Jessie went to her first-ever Film Premiere and it was a goodun...the Royal Premiere of the...

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Cow Girl Head Dunking


Jessie and Cherry are dressed up in super sexy cow-gorl outfits, with hats too! Between them they have a bucket full to the top with a custard/porrodge mix. This is a marvellous combination with a velevety texture! They take it in turns to dunk their heads right in and then pie each other! Jessie then decides to fill her hat with the mix and put it back on her head! It is so much fun that Cherry does the same. Thay then fill their hats with chocolate batter before dunking their heads once again into the bucket! With the remaining slime, Cherry pours it all over Jessie with a final pie in the face!

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